The Event

The Waitetuna Wind Farm Trail Run is organized and run by the Waitetuna School PTA as a fundraiser.

This year, we will be running the event on Saturday 24th November 2018. 

The event includes three trail lengths, 21km, which will see you pass through some of the Te Uku wind turbines, 10km, and 5 km. Every finisher will receive a stunning medal signifying the local area. This event is held on private farm land, not usually open to the public. The terrain, in places, is tough but also offers stunning views from the top of the 21km track of the Raglan harbour and bar.

All proceeds go towards improvements and additions to Waitetuna School.

This will be a truly unique community event that we hope to build on in years to come. We are truly grateful to the Ormond family for the opportunity to run through their stunning landscape.

The Trail


Length: 5.02km
Ascent: 175.23m
Max Elevation: 224.93m
Interactive Map

Entry Fees


Length: 10.73km
Ascent: 384.84m
Max Elevation: 245.67m
Interactive Map

Entry Fees


Length: 21.31km
Ascent: 965.74m
Max Elevation: 476.72m
Interactive Map

Entry Fees

Entry Fees

Early Bird Fees

Available until September 8 2018

5km – $15.00

10km – $35.00

21km – $55.00

Entry Fees

September 9 - November 9 2018

5km – $20.00

10km – $45.00

21km – $65.00

Late Registrations

Applicable after November 10 2018

5km – $30.00

10km – $55.00

21km – $75.00

Other Information

Race Number Pickup

Race number pick up will be at
Waitetuna School, 129 Waitetuna Valley Road
on Friday
 23rd November 2018 from 5–8pm.

If you can’t make it on the Friday, race number pickup will be open on the Saturday morning from 6am at the race start point 324 Waitetuna Valley Road

There will be a race briefing shortly before each race begins.

Race Start Times

Saturday 24th November

21km option – 8am

10km option – 9:00am

5km option – 9:30am

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