Have a question about the event? Please check the FAQ below. We might have already thought of it.  If your question still isn’t answered, send us an email by going to the Contact Us page or sending it directly to us on trailrun@waitetuna.school.nz

1. Can I get a refund if I decide not to run after I enter?
As this is a fundraiser there are no refunds, selling of entries to another person, or deferring of entries to another year.

2. Is this event kid friendly?
We have especially set up the 5km option with children in mind.

3. Are there any restrictions on the age of who can take part?
Due to the demanding nature of some of the trails on this event there are restrictions on the ages that may take part on each course.

  • 21km:
    • Age range: 18 years and over
  • 10km:
    • Age range:  9 years old and over
      • 12 to 17 years with permission of guardian
      • 9 to 11 years accompanied by named adult
  • 5km:
    • Age range:  6 years old and over
      • 9 to 17 years with permission of guardian
      • 6 to 8 years accompanied by named adult

4. Is this event limited to hardcore runners?
No not at all, the elevation of the 21km event is very steep, so we do recommend putting in good preparation for this option, it certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted.

5. Are there any cut off times?
Yes there are cut-off times for each of the trails and we will have tail end Charlies coming round at these times to make sure everyone who hasn’t made it to the cut-off point on time makes it back to the staging area. The cut-off times are as follows:

  • 21 km Trail:
    There are 3 cut-off points on this trail, you have 3 hours to reach the 8 km marker, 5.5 hours to reach the 15 km marker and 7 hours to complete the trail
  • 10 km Trail:
    You have 3 hours to reach the 6 Km mark and 6 hours to complete the trail.
  • 5 km Trail:
    You have 5.5 hours to complete the trail.

6. Can I train on any of the course?
No, the event is held on private land and is not usually open to the public.

7. Will I need trail shoes?
Yes, trail shoes are recommended except for the 5km event.

8. Do I need to take food and drink?
There will be an aid station available on the 10km option and two aid stations on the 21km option. The aid stations will provide water some food and electrolytes. Food and drinks will be available to purchase at the start / finish line area. We do recommend carrying water on the longer options.

9. Will there be compulsory gear?
In the week prior to the event all competitors will be advised what compulsory gear they must have.

These are the three categories:

  1. No compulsory gear
  2. Waterproof jacket
  3. Thermals, top and bottom, seem sealed jacket, thermal hat and gloves.

10. Am I allowed to walk this event?
Sure, as long as you can make the cut-off times you are welcome to walk the trails.

11. What times will the races start?

  • 21km Trail start time: 8 am
  • 10km Trail start time: 9am
  • 5km Trail start time: 9.30am

12. Are group discounts available?

Yes! Group discounts are available until November 1st.

Check out this post for details.